Whether you have an established operation or a new venture, the right training is essential to safe and efficient ops. At SAMG, we understand the challenges you face. We offer solutions that will allow you to focus on your operation and advance your organizational goals.


We provide training which is timely and effective. Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to meeting the challenges of their business. The services we offer world-wide include:

  • Control and Performance Concept of Flying
  • AB Initio Pilot Training Design and Implementation
  • Aviation and Operations Safety Training and Programs
  • Operations Manuals Creation and Design
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Operational Risk Mangement
  • International Aviation Procedures
    • MNPS and RNP (BRNav) Course
    • RVSM (Inludes China) Course
    • GPS and VNAV Course
    • ICAO/PAN Ops vs FAA Course
    • Customs and SAFA Inspection Procedures
  • Crew Tactics and Security Course
  • Aircraft Purchase and Shipment
  • Aircraft Charter Mangement
  • Aviation Ground and Flight Safety Programs




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